Dear colleagues

Dear colleagues

We invite you to take part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Information Security and Information Technologies”, which will be held in the city of Kharkiv on April 24-25, 2019 at the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics.

The purpose of the conference is a Exchange of new ideas obtained by theoretical and practical results of scientific research in the field of information security and computer technologies. Discussion of the current state of information security in Ukraine and in the world, as well as ways to improve it. Discussion of perspective directions of development of information technologies. Integration of efforts to implement research results, establish creative contacts and expand scientific contacts.

Scientists, teachers, post-graduate students, students, employees of scientific institutions and industrial enterprises are invited to participate in the conference.


Department of Cybersecurity and Software of the Central Ukrainian National Technical University (CUNTU)

Today, the Central Ukrainian National Technical University is a powerful educational and scientific center of Ukraine. He has well-developed connections with machine-building factories and associations of Ukraine, enterprises of agro-industrial complex, transport, construction, power supply, financial and banking institutions and private firms, which are trained by specialists. His graduates will determine the image of Ukraine in the future.


Section 1 – Information security of the state, society and personality:

  • Information security of the state.
  • Information and psychological safety.
  • Protection of information in computer systems and networks.
  • Information security in cloud storage.
  • Cryptographic information security tools.
  • Steganographic means of information protection.
  • Technical means of information protection.
  • Comprehensive information security systems.
  • Protection of personal data.
  • Information wars.
  • Cyber Terrorism and Cybersecurity.
  • Information security audit.
  • Management in the field of information security.

Section 2 – Programming and Information and Communication Technologies:

  • System programming.
  • Network Information Technology.
  • Parallel, Distributed, and Cloud computing.
  • Simulation of complex systems.
  • Gaming programs and computer graphics.
  • Paradigms, languages and programming technologies.
  • Algorithms and computing methods.
  • Software Engineering.
  • Programming for mobile platforms.
  • Programming of embedded systems.
  • Computer electronics and circuit engineering.
  • Big data in information technology.
  • Supplemented reality applications.
  • Management in the IT sphere.
  • Expert systems.
  • Presentation models of knowledge in expert systems.
  • Artificial Neural Networks.
  • Intelligent agents and multi-agent systems.
  • Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming.
  • Artificial immune systems.
  • Fuzzy logic.
  • Decision support systems.
  • Information support of technological processes.
  • Machine learning

Section 3 – Information Technologies in Economics, Medicine and Education:

  • Information technology in the economy.
  • Economic security.
  • Information technology in medicine.
  • Information technology in education.

According to the results of the conference, abstracts, a collection of articles “Information processing systems” and “International Journal of 3D Printing Technologies and Digital Industry” will be published and a collective monograph (language – Ukrainian, English, Russian) will be published.

Working languages of the conference:

Ukrainian, Russian, English.




To participate in the conference, you need:

By March 25, 2019, apply for participation, the text of the report abstracts and a copy of the receipt for payment. In the case of the publication of materials in a collective monograph, theses and publications should be submitted by March 30, 2019.

In the case of publication of an article or thesis report, materials must be submitted by March 25, 2019.

All materials are sent electronically. The names of the files should contain the surname of the first author and the type of material: for example, Shevchenko-theses, Shevchenko-monograph, Shevchenko-article, Shevchenko’s statement.

Full text of the notification: Information letter_EN.doc